Processing Best Practices

  1. Never accept payment card transactions through mail, email, or by fax. If your department has no other means, immediately contact Credit Card Operations.
  2.  If accepting a payment card transaction over the phone, process it while the customer is on the phone. Never write down cardholder information to process later.
  3. If accepting a payment card transaction over the phone, never repeat the card number or other cardholder information to the customer.
  4. Never retain paper or electronic data that contains the customer's payment card number. Storage of cardholder data is NOT permitted at the University of Arkansas.
  5. All employees processing credit card payments, reconciling department credit card revenue and those who supervise these operations MUST know how to locate all university credit card policies and departmental credit card policies.
  6. Annual training is required to retain job duties for handling credit card payments.
  7. Separation of Duties should be mandated and documented by the department. No single individual should be processing payments, creating refunds, or reconciling credit card revenue.