Training Information

Training and re-certification is required for all staff handling payment card information on behalf of the University of Arkansas. Training is required annually and is offered through out the year.  For additional information regarding the Credit Card Operations training program for departmental users, please contact Credit Card Operations.

Due to the secure nature of payment card data, training updates and course offerings will be distributed through the CARDOPS-L listserv. To register for training  please use the Training Request.

Course Offerings

Data Security Basics

This is the annual course required for all University of Arkansas employees involved in the handling of payment card data. The course material each year exposes staff to world of payment card security and acceptance. A knowledge assessment exam is required to complete the course each year and is based on the course material for that year. Staff are notified via email when it is their designated time to complete annual training. If an employee required to complete this course fails to do so, penalties can include the loss of access to handle payment card data.

Credit Card Policies Training

This course is reserved for staff who have completed the 3 years of Data Security Basics training. The course is online only and entails completing an exam over the 309 Payment Card Policies.